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Universe_harnessenergyThe Vibrational Community is a sacred circle where we follow the natural cycle of the earth and moon to find peace, deep meaning and fulfillment. In this community we talk about the moon, trees, chakra's, ritual and woman's health,... You can join us here but be sure to read the following guidelines first to see if this is the right place for you.

Here we can slow down and process everything we went through during the day and might not have had time to truly experience. We will be looking at those experiences through the light of the moon to find out what they have to teach us and how they can be transformed.

Please note that the moon is not an absolute tool of wisdom. I am not an astrologer and although Universal energies can have a profound effect on us I believe they are mostly here to remind us of our own strengths and weaknesses. They can help us honor our natural cycle just a our ancestors did many years ago but we shouldn't blame them for everything that happens to us.

If you decide to join this group you agree to have an open mind about other people's opinions. We come from all the corners of the earth and we are all on a different step in this journey through life. We are not here to find the one true answer but rather to help each other find our own truths.

This is not a place for spamming or self-promotion although you may share links if they are relevant to what we are discussing. This will be mentioned in the daily thread.


There will be a specific theme on each phase of the moon being:

- New moon re-connection day to laser focus on the coming month.
- First Quarter creation day: prioritize on goals and get your but into action.
- Full Moon completion day: celebrating the results you are seeing.
- Last Quarter releasing day: release stuckness and recharge batteries.


On the other days we will follow a weekly structure that goes like this:

Vibrational Monday - Here you can set your energy (for the week or month) and let us know what mood you are in.

Ritual Tuesday - One of our more sacred moments of the week discussing how we are making day to day experiences have more meaning. Although you may find that it can be as simple as taking a deep breath or having a cup of tea.

You Rock Wednesday - This day is all about believing in yourself and knowing you are doing a good job in the world just by being you.

Stardust Thursday - Step into the field of possibilities, share your wishes and explore how they can appear into your life.

Replenish Friday/Saturday - What are you doing to recharge your batteries and let go of work?

Permission Sunday - This is the day where we will truly let off steam and give ourselves permission to act foolish, crazy, do something wild and unexpected... concider this to be our fun Circus day to let in more Fun into our lives and remember it doesn't have to be so serious all the time.

We can deviate from this if the higher energies require it so questions about the moon and energy can be asked at any given time you feel the need for guidance and support.

Be sure to check out the free 4 step balance formula and lots of other information about the moon and finding your own natural rhythm at

Ready to join the Vibrational Community? Join us here.

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