Energy Booster Session

Do you often feel drained or overwhelmed by the possibilities that are out there?empowered_bannerempowered_banner

Or is living your purpose harder than it seemed?

When you are trying to embrace your path or just the opposite ignoring what you were here to do you can get so caught up in what you think the world wants you to be and do that you simply have no energy left to enjoy even the simplest moments in life.

And even if you do feel like you are on track there still might be something holding you back.

That’s because we all have a personal, more subconscious level that determines who we are and how we deal with challenges such as stress, worries, money issues and overwhelm.

These subconscious energies such as our life purpose that is written in our fingerprints, our astrological sign, our Birth Moon and the element that is most present in our lives can not be changed or manipulated by the world outside. It are these exact qualities and signs that will help you realize what you are here to learn and why you do the things you do. Not acknowledging or following those parts of ourselves is the main reason why we get overwhelmed or even eventually develop a chronic disease.

By looking at the natural cycle of the Earth and Moon and translating it into your own life you will be able to understand and implement these steps in a way that brings you balance, energy and fulfillment in everything you do. And that's what an energy booster is all about.

Why is this important?

Knowing your birth moon can give you a better understanding of why you face the things you have to face. It can help you grow, find your inner knowledge and share it with the world feeling this is who you are meant to be.

When you discover your true essence and learn how to make that work for you instead of against you your natural energy will be so strong and vibrating you’ll attract people to you like bees to a flower. They will want to be near you and hear your secrets to living a life on purpose.

And that is not even the most important thing. Being aware of how the moon influences you will also make you aware of HOW TO share your gifts with the world.

It is about HOW TO WALK YOUR TALK and spread your message with faith and gratitude.

it will help you boost your energy and go through life with ease.

You will finally be able to stop running towards some ‘thing’, some big ideal, and notice the beautiful gifts and talents you already have at your fingertips.

It is about keeping the fun, not letting your business take over so you still have time for your family.

It is about re-connecting with your true feelings, tapping into source and finding the underlying magic of things so you can become a co-create.

Are you ready to find out more?

Book your session valued at 70 € (app. 97 $) today!


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