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If you have landed in this place you have come here for a reason although you may not know what it is yet.

You may have that nagging sensation that there should be more to life than you are currently experiencing.

You may want to brreak out of a  downward spiral of stress, health issues and money trouble.

You may feel like you will never fit into a single group of people or be accepted by them.

Or you do know what you want and who you are but you just can't seem to get it across.

There is a way to move past this and it starts by re-connecting with your true Self.

Welcome to the vibrational community.

This place is about:

  • Taking the magic out of things by understanding what they are and how they work. At the same time you will discover a new kind of magic. This time it will be the magic of knowing you are part of it and you are creating it.
  • Turning your attention inwards and becoming aware of mental and physical blocks that get in the way of your happiness.
  • Releasing emotional charges on a cellular level.
  • Finding your true purpose and separating this from false needs.
  • Granting you gifts of knowledge: because that’s what life should be. Not a secret to be kept but a gift to be shared.

This is a place where you can meet like-minded spirits and discuss many different topics that will help you step into your own power to energetically transform your life and business. In doing so you will be able to affect everyone you come in contact with and find balance and fulfillment along the way.

 I have heard people say they were being called a chameleon, but not in a good way. And of course if you have lots of different interests or separate groups of friends it may be challenging to find a balance and feel totally at home. You may get the feeling that you will never be able to fully express yourself AND find someone that accepts you for it.

This community will!

We have started out as a coaching program in June 2013.  Below you will find a video of what it means to be a vibrational chameleon and how IT CAN actually be a good thing:



The vibrational community is here to support mutual growth in our life and business. Please respect the people you meet here. This is not a place for criticism. Give good feedback instead to ensure this experience stays fun and ethical for all of us.

This place is for everyone that’s just starting out on the path to self-development and those that are already somewhere along the way. Please keep this difference in mind when you comment on people’s posts. Give everyone the time and space to grow at their own pace. No one on this site, myself included, preaches absolute truths. We only share the experience and tools that work for us at this moment. Take from them what you need. Explore the theory and new ways of living. Turn them into practice and create your own path.

At the end of the day it is all about finding your truth.

Where to go from here...

I know new places can get a bit overwhelming so here's a road map for you.

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